You want to know about ugoplatinum? Who wants to know? What are you, a detective..?

All kidding aside, we at ugoplatinum are people who believe that everyone who loves making music should have a chance to succeed – or ‘go Platinum.’ In the recording industry, an artist ‘goes Platinum’ when they reach 1,000,000 record sales.

Years ago, before the Internet and the explosion of online platforms, aspiring music artists could only strive toward getting noticed by a major record label. They did so for the love of their music, knowing full well that most of the best artists out there would never “make it” due to the sheer numbers of artists competing for those few record company slots. The few alternatives to this included becoming a local or regional success, which was almost as difficult, and could not promise a decent living or reliable career stability.

One of the chief reasons that every serious music artists should sign up with Ugoplatinum is because we are music artists, producers, audio engineers, and composers. Some of us are older and know how hard it used to be; others of us are younger people who are taking advantage of the new opportunities in digital media.

Signing up is FREE – we will not, nor will we ever ask Artists to pay anything to promote their music. 

After signing up, Artists have their own Profile Page, where they can upload your music. After that, customers can download songs (audio files in MP3 format, or .wav files for Beats) for the low price of one U.S. Dollar ($1.00). Artists receive fifty cents on the dollar ($0.50 USD) – not 50% after our costs – fifty cents on the dollar. Artists may price albums and Beats at their discretion; after our costs, we split the proceeds from albums with the Artist – they receive 50% and Ugoplatinum receives 50%. Beat Producers receive 90% of proceeds after Ugoplatinum’s costs* Payments to Artists are made via PayPal and Company check (if the Artist does not have a PayPal account) once a week. 

In case you’re wondering, record companies typically start out the lucky few artists they sign to record deals at less than eleven percent (11%)…

Obviously, the more Artists promote their Profile with links we provide, the more people will hear their music, and the more money they will make!

So whether you’re a garage band in Middle America, or playing homemade instruments somewhere in Borneo, sign up, upload, and get to promoting your music. That way, you can not only get paid, but you’ll have a shot at going Platinum!

Good luck!

The Staff at ugoplatinum.com